Cheap F Goose Outlet Bump maternity dress expandable stitching

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This Canada Goose maternity splicing design has a zipper to provide plenty of room for an ever-increasing belly. After the baby is born, the zipper pulls on the front spliced area to accommodate the item. One side is marked with branded pockets. Feather filling.

Fabric: High-tech woven fabric.
Surface: 85% polyester/15% cotton.
Filler: 80% down / 20% feather.
Cold water wash.
Imported from China.
Created for Trillium Park Coat, Solaris Park Coat, Victoria Park Coat, Dawson Park Coat, and Shelburne Parker.

Width 1: 2.25 inches / 6 centimeters
Width 2: 8.25 inches / 21 centimeters
Length: 28.75 inches / 73 centimeters
Style number CANAD30181


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